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      For the Installation:
Highest Load Performance (when of Threaded Rods
  compared with Vinylester) of Rebar Dowels
Slow Curing: An Advantage when in hammer drilled holes
installing Rebar Dowels at increased in diamond drilled holes
Embedment Depths and in in dry bore holes
  warm climates in damp bore holes
Negligable Shrikage in flooded bore holes
Well suited for Roughened in non-cracked concrete
Diamond Drilled Holes
ETA Pending    
  For the Installation:
For Medium to High Loads of Threaded Rods
ETA Approved for Rebar Dowels Ø8 - 32 mm of Rebar Dowels
ETA Approved for Threaded Rods in hammer drilled holes
M8 - M30 in dry bore holes
Fire Test Report in damp bore holes
High Chemical Resistance in flooded bore holes
Fast Curing in non-cracked concrete
Good Performance at low temperatures in hollow brick
Styrene Free    

Cartridge Type: Side by Side. Incl.
1 mixer. Qty./12
BIS-PE400 3.220.400
BIS-PE600 3.220.600
Cartridge Types: Foil in Tube (300 ml) and Coaxial (410 ml)
Incl. 1 Mixer Qty./12
BIS-V300 3.230.300
BIS-V410 3.230.410

Manual Caulking Gun for Side by Side Cartridges.
High gearing ratio. Fully molded reinforced nylon. One hand break release.Antidrip.
SBS400-PREMIUM 3.200.400
SBS600-PREMIUM 3.200.600

Pneumatic Caulking Gun for Side by Side Cartridges.
One hand Pressure Adjustment.
Air Operated Return of Rod.
Quick reloading.
Antidrip. Metal Cartridge holder.
Aluminum Air Cylinder.
Reinforced Nylon Handle. Qty./1

SBS400-PNEUMATIC 3.200.401
SBS600-PNEUMATIC 3.200.601
Manual Caulking Gun for 300 ml Foil Cartridges.
High gearing ratio.Fully molded reinforced nylon. One hand break release.Antidrip.
F300-PREMIUM 3.200.302

Same as above but for the use with 410 ml
coaxial cartridges. Qty./1
C410-PREMIUM 3.200.411
Pneumatic Caulking Gun for410 ml coaxial Cartridges. 2.2 kN thrust at 6,8 bar operating pressure. Qty./1
C410-PNEUMATIC 3.200.412